High School Happenings

September 22, 2016 – Counselor Assignments

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Zeeland East:
Kim Petroelje       A-F      x3184      kpetroel@zps.org
Melissa Drnek     G-M      x3112      mdrnek@zps.org
Jason Maynard    N-Z      x3115      jmaynard@zps.org

Zeeland West:
Andrea Campo    A-K      x4518     acampo@zps.org
Dawn Collins       L-Z      x4520      dcollins@zps.org




April 24, 2015  – Zeeland Board of Public Works teams up with ZHS

Zeeland Board of Public Works teamed up with instructor Jen Soukhome’s AP Environmental

Science classes to give students some hands on experience when it comes to making energy.

The Board of Public Works purchased energy kits for the classes to learn about renewable

energy sources.  These students are using solar panels to power a propeller.

2015-03-20 09.04.12
Leah Klynstra and Nicole Kozlowski are pictured from the AP Environmental Science class.


April 22, 2015  –  ZHS Robotics Team 85 Headed for St. Louis Championship

At 3:30 this morning our ZHS Robotics Team 85 left with their mentors to participate in the world

championships at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO.  Their hard work and determination

have brought them this far and we wish them well as they continue to make us proud at this next

level of competition.  GO BOB!!   For more information and updates please check out the

ZHS Robotics team website at http://team85robotics.weebly.com/

First Robotics